All of our joints are made from FLOWER grown in our world-class indoor facility.  No trim, no fan leaf, only pure premium flowers are used to make LEGIT INFUSED PRE-ROLLS.  All flowers are cured in glass until they are truly LEGIT


Our flowers receive exceptional care from seed to harvest. Staying LEGIT, we use an organic nutrient line and no pesticides!  Pre-rolls are often stuffed with low-grade outdoor and trim.  Small batch indoor produces the best marijuana on the market. Why should your pre-roll be any different?           



At LEGIT Cannabis Co. our goal is to change the perception of the common pre-roll.  Your joint can be as delicious and smooth as it is potent.  Enjoy every aspect of your Premium Infused Pre-Roll --- Strength without sacrifice.  We aim to embody LEGIT and all that it stands for and take pride in providing you excellent and authentic products.